What is Going On With NERDcast?

A keen observer may notice that this blog/website is active once again, and with that news it’s about time that we clarify what exactly is happening with NERDcast. The simple answer is we have no idea. At the moment we can guarantee at least an episode every two weeks (that will be when we are recording, at least. We’re not sure if the show will go live on that schedule however) so you have that to look forward to.

We have also been toying with our current blog layout, and although it may look mostly the same as it did before, we think that the small changes will make it easier to get around the site and generally make things better for everyone. However, we are also still discussing if we should change things completely, so there’s a possibility that it might not look like this for too much longer. Rest assured that user-friendliness is at the very top of our list of priorities, so any changes will be made in the interest of making things both look and function better.

In addition to the podcast, you may notice a few blog posts here and there. We are going to try writing accompanying pieces to some of our topics in an attempt to go more in-depth. The podcast will be more of a discussion, and the articles will be some research, background info, or interesting elements on the topic. We hope that this will bring more informed discussion and engage you the viewer/reader to visit much more regularly. Also some of the posts may end up as topics on the podcast, so it will be somewhat of a two-way street in that aspect.

We’d also like to know what you think of everything we do. So you can tweet us, send us a message on Facebook, comment on our YouTube videos, or leave a comment right here on the site about things you’d like to see or suggestions to help us improve. Feedback is always appreciated!

Basically the next little while will be us flying by the seat of our pants, and we hope that you will come along for the ride.

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